Online Advice

This service is offered to the client who is urgently in need of legal assistance and advice and who does not have the time to make an appointment to seek legal advice from an attorney and wait 1 or 2 days before the services of an attorney could be obtained.

To obtain access to this online legal advice centre you must accept our Terms and Conditions and make payment by bank transfer or deposit. As soon as payment is reflected on our bank statement we will allocate minutes to you and contact you after which you can log onto the “Live chat online” service and immediately gain access to communicate live with our attorneys. This service is currently available from MONDAYS to FRIDAYS from 08:00 to 17:00. Should the online icon where you enter the chat session on the Home page show “Offline” please do not dispair. Just type your question and we will receive an e-mail after receipt we will reply by return e-mail and invite you to log onto the live chat program. The service will be extended at a later stage where clients will have access to the online advice centre during weekends on SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS.

Should you have a complexed problem and the online attorney not be in the position to advise you immediately, we reserve the right to get back to you with the correct legal advice within a period of 24 hours from date that we have received your query.

Emergency Hotline
coming soon…..
We will be introducing an emergency hotline service in due course, please watch this space for more details.