Q – How is it possible that you can render a professional service for such a minimal fee, what is the snag?
A – There is no snag. It is possible because we have a full time hands on team in our legal advice call centre which only attend to online legal matters and questions on the internet thus cutting out telephone calls and bills, paper work and wasted time which contributes to exorbitant legal costs in the profession.

Q – If I pay a R150.00 how is online time allocated to this fee?
A – The above fee is not allocated to a specific time period for the clients question and is this fee calculated and charged for at a once off legal question set to our attorneys.

Q – What is a legal question?
A – A legal question is limited to only one aspect of the law i.e. – When you address our attorneys on a labour law issue please remain within the scope of labour law and do not raise further questions regarding any other matter and or field.

Q – Are the person to whom I have addressed my question, qualified?
A – Our attorneys are qualified and registered with the Law Society of the Western Cape.

Q – If I have a question which requires a very specialist field and you can not advise me on the this issue, will you refund my R150.00?
A – No, we will not refund you but our attorneys will always answer your question to the best of his/her knowledge and he/she will research that part of law if necessary and get back to you within 24 hours of your chat session. Should it be a complexed situation ie. where there is a contract document involved we will quote you an amount and the time which we will take to prepare the necessary advice.

Q – What happens if I am referred to a counrty affiliate partner?
A – By registering you agree to all the terms and conditions and that we may refer you to an affiliate partner who is registered with WEBLAWYER. We will e-mail your contact details the country affiliate partner and CC you a copy upon receipt the country affiliate partner will contact you within 24 hours form date of receipt of the instruction to arrange for a consultation.

Q – I have been advised by attorney A today and wish to seek aditional advise at a later stage on the same issue, but attorney B is online when  I call WEBLAWYER. Attorney B is not acquainted with the matter, what happens?
A –  Simply tell attorney B that attorney A assisted you earlier and your request will be diverted to attorney A if he or she is available.


To save time you can in stead of typing your question direct online first type your question in notepad and copy and paste the question as soon as a lawyer invite you to chat into the window where you are requested to ask your question.